The current board (2022-2023) consists of:

If you have any problem, feel free to contact us via:

Tuin Scheffer

“Hi! I’m Tuin, a foil fencer since 2010, a member of M.A.S. Incontro since 2021 and the current president of this wonderful club! I’ve loved every aspect of this amazing sport from the start… the game of outsmarting opponents, learning new techniques and, of course, the fencers themselves (who are genuinely some of the best people you will ever meet)! I’m looking forward to seeing you at training!”

Jana Berndt

“I’m Jana, from Germany, and I started fencing in 2021 because I wanted to try something new. Apart from fencing with swords being a real childhood dream, I found out that fencing is actually also a very challenging and fun sport. I started with Foil but then changed to Sabre, because I loved the speed of the game. I am looking forward to welcoming you in our club :)!”

Yikang Zhang

“Hello, I’m Yikang Zhang, a PhD candidate in forensic psychology. I wondered if I did a bachelor in accounting for nothing. But apparently universe has it ways and now I joined MAS INCONTRO, working on the board as the treasurer. It has been a great experience learning from the trainers and advanced fencers for me and I wish you would join us and find out how great a community we are yourself.”

Haixu Du

“Hi, I am Haixu, a foil fencer since 2019. I started fencing at M.A.S. Incontro. And at the association, I first learnt the charm of fencing: a sport mixed up power, speed, accuracy and intelligence in order to win. As PR I hope to promote this awesome sport and our association to reach people outside of our bubble: You will feel aligned here, training with professionals and experts, challenging your mind and body, making friends, and stabling them for honour !!”