The current board (2021-2022) consists of:

Gilles Hugla

“I’m Gilles, a Belgian sabre fencer since 2012! I enjoy this demanding sport with a great club spirit where everyone helps each other after a good fight (or slaughter depending on the outcome of the match 😀 ) . I also love theatrical and rehearsed fights. I’m looking forward to welcoming you in our club!”

Jennifer Schermer

“I’m Jennifer and yes, fencer is in my surname! I started foil in 2020 as I wanted to try a new sport. Fencing is fantastic as it challenges your mental tactics. As secretary I hope to assist you with any questions that you have and keep you updated with upcoming tournaments. I hope to welcome you to our club! 🙂 “

Nicholas Needham

“I’m Nicholas, current treasurer of the fencing board. I specialise in foil fencing and have been with the association since 2020.  Fencing it a great sport, one that requires not just strength, skill, and good reflexes, but an equally sharp mind to predict your opponent’s moves and use feints to gain the upper hand. For anyone looking for a challenging sport, both physically and mentally, fencing might just be what you have been looking for. Plus, stabbing people is also always fun and a great way to relive stress after a long day at university full of studying.”

Lisa-Marie Ebentheuer

“I’m Lisa-Marie from Germany. I’ve been fencing since 2017, started with Foil but changed to Épée after trying it out once at a competition. Not having rules just convinced me immediately! As PR I hope to promote this awesome sport to reach people outside of our bubble: Fencing is not elite, it’s physically demanding and, even though we don’t see each others faces most of the time, we’re surprisingly social as well!”